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A collection of links that you may find useful. Feel free to suggest any link that is not present here or some description for those who already are!




Text editing

  • GNU Emacs: extremely extensible text editor. I use it for (almost) everything.
    • Org mode: for taking notes and manage todo lists and project using simple text files.
    • Magit: Git interface for Emacs.
    • AucTeX: extension for LaTeX editing.

Programming languages

  • Emacs Lisp: List dialect used as extension language of Emacs.
  • Guile: GNU implementation of Scheme programming language.
  • Ruby: dynamic, simple and flexible language.
  • Python: similar to Ruby. While not my preferred language, it may be more beginner friendly and, in addition to the large number of packages, it is the language used in the main programs I use (computer algebra).
    • Cadabra: for tensor computer algebra, usually found in field theory.
    • SageMath: general purpose computer algebra system.
      • SageManifolds: SageMath extension for tensor calculus and differential geomnetry.

Version system

  • Git: to keep a well defined history of file modifications.
    • GitLab: for hosting and managing the projects.

Victor Santos

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